Rapid growth driven by
district core competencies

ib vogt has not only invested strongly in building its position in leading markets worldwide, but also in its people. We have grown tremendously in the last years, with further expansion expected for the future.

We are growing across all areas of the company. Our highly qualified and experienced staff, with deep industry knowhow, expertise and insight, is a perfect blend of strong “generalists” and “specialists”.

With currently over 910 employees, we aim to grow to over 1000 employees in the next 2-3 years, working together in a stimulating, team-based environment.

Our first-class teams and expertise throughout the complete solar value chain make this possible – with all key aspects maintained in-house. In addition, we have business development teams present in 33 countries and expanding, all tasked with developing not only today’s but also tomorrow’s projects.

Total capacity of PV power plants

Built & for current year also under construction in MWp


in €  m.

Number of employees

Full-time equivalents

Growth rates
  • Pipeline growth rate 2022 to 2023: +30%
  • Staff growth rate 2022 to 2023: + 28%
  • Growth rate of built projects 2022 to 2023: +7%
  • 2021 – Rated as one of the best in EPC & Procurement
  • Advanced “Value Engineered in Germany”
  • Proven project structuring, PPA and financing expertise

Key strategies