How we work

We offer a holistic end-to-end approach to maximise project benefits.

We go through every step of the process in order to increase value, while still meeting the most exacting standards to provide the best possible solar solution.

Our services throughout the entire
project life cycle

Our solutions

ib vogt’s product portfolio consists of all possible large-scale PV
solutions, all using the latest technology on variety of terrain.

People drive our success

The energy transition is a part of our DNA

The world needs this technology – and quickly. Making the clean energy transition a reality is our goal and every step forward brings us one day closer towards reversing climate change.

We thrive to achieve excellence in business

Our entrepreneurial attitude and visionary thinking is engrained in everything we do. Combined with opportunity-driven creativity, this pragmatic approach fosters an environment of forward-thinking excellence and innovation.

Professionalism and collaboration is our bread and butter

Our standard of excellence, “can-do” attitude and attention to detail is the backbone of our company. We are team-based and the holistic nature of our work contributes to our high rate of project success.

Our long-standing experience in solar solutions makes the difference.

To keep our standard of excellence, we attract top talents who grow with us

Our goal at ib vogt is to grow together on a business and individual level. Realising the potential of each individual is important to help us achieve success on a broad, international level.

ib vogt provides a rewarding environment for our global and diverse staff to learn, grow and contribute. We all work together as a team in a highly-skilled, collaborative and stimulating atmosphere, which in turn makes ib vogt a leader in our field of expertise.

Join the team and help us power the energy transition

Solar will become the energy of the future, and the future is now. Are you interested in making a difference in the world? Then begin an exciting career with a team of solar professionals who are changing the world for the better.