Solar photovoltaic is the first and best alternative

Costs and growth

Solar PV is the world’s most cost-competitive power generation technology and is expected to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future, replacing CO2 intensive electricity production while creating tens of millions of jobs.

Massive industry growth and scaling are currently driving costs and with continued technological advancement, the mid-to-long term trend points towards further cost reduction. This, as well as linked technology and storage applications to further enhance electricity management, will only serve to increase the competitiveness of solar PV.

The energy transition

Climate change and decarbonising power generation are among the central issues the world is facing today.

We, as mankind, are at a historical turning point. Much stands in the balance. The consequences of climate change are likely to be catastrophic for society and we need to rapidly implement solutions – which are by and large available – to combat mankind’s CO2 footprint.

The task before us is enormous: decarbonising electricity production, phasing out fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable energy. This, all while meeting an increasing demand for electricity, dealing with volatile power prices and navigating significant energy security issues. These concerns are present throughout many parts of the world, complicating an already unprecedented undertaking.

Therefore, our mission is clear: to power the energy transition.

ib vogt’s Sustainability Report for 2022 

Sustainability is an integral part of our organisation and is embedded into all business units of the company. ib vogt’s Sustainability Report for 2022 offers a profound glimpse into our holistic approach to sustainability, encompassing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics. It provides a detailed account of our goals, activities, and commitment to continuous improvement across all measures. 

Our commitment to environmental, social and governance

We aim to be an active global partner in advancing sustained economic, social and environmental well-being.

Our mission is to deliver clean energy, be a great place to work in – and work with – and help create a sustainably better world.

Social responsibility is consciously anchored in our corporate philosophy.

Through our Overall Company Policy, we commit to international recognised standards. We are dedicated to performing our activities with the least negative effect on the environment, the social fabric, the health and safety of our employees and the communities we engage in.

Sustainability at ib vogt means caring for our planet by implementing a net-zero path, ensuring that our own people are being represented equally and feel well and healthy in body and mind, expanding quality of life to affected people in communities with CSR projects, and achieving sustainable growth by implementing international standards in our supply chains. Sustainability is an integrated part of our organisation and is embedded in all business units of the group. We also want to become an active member of discussions on industry-wide actions and initiatives.

Certified: ib vogt GmbH

ISO 9001
Quality Management

ISO 14001
Environmental Management

ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management

ISO 50001
Energy Management

ib vogt joins the UN Global Compact

Becoming a UN Global Compact participant means taking an important step towards strengthening corporate sustainability. Participation makes a statement about our values, improve operational efficiencies, and attract, motivate and retain employees.

It also allows us to respond to financial market expectations and improve access to capital, corporate reputation and brand image, while simultaneously benefiting both society and ib vogt’s long-term success.

Accelerate action connected to
targeted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 integrated and interrelated goals defined by the UN Global Compact to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030.

Our Priority Areas

ib vogt has fast-tracked most impactful and valuable priority areas that foster SDGs along our value chain to ensure sustainable actions are taken quickly and effectively minimizing negative risks and increasing positive impacts.

Net Zero

Combatting climate change in everyday decisions: we want to make a positive net contribution through off-setting carbon emissions and being as resource-efficient as we can.

Supply chain

We want to fight human rights issues by extending international standards onto our direct suppliers and foster transparency upstream through traceability protocols.

CSR Projects

We want to help affected communities with Corporate Social Responsibility projects tailored to their needs to achieve fairly-distributed quality of life also for vulnerable groups.


We want to promote well-being of employees, increase gender diversity and become a great environment for our international staff to grow, contribute and lead.

Our Priority Areas linked to Sustainable Development Goals